Text Box: Supper Fresco 
Now over 21years old, Super Fresco is synonymous with quality, coverability and customer satisfaction! Since its launch in 1984 the Super Fresco range has become the market leader for textured wallpapers with the development of an extensive design offer, that has something for everyone. Also available are paintable textures. 


















Text Box: Super Fresco Texture
Minimum Effort - Maximum Effect. Texture is exactly what it says, a product that feels as good as it looks, that can hide imperfections in the wall, and that can create a look that no other decorative product can achieve as quickly or as easily. Our range of texture products, stretch from the drama of a tread-plate effect to the everyday versatility of a subtle tone on tone textural pattern.










Text Box: Premier Vinyl
Premier vinyl is the ultimate in quality wallpaper. With a selection of opulent textures and finishes Premier is made with heavyweight and very durable vinyl, making it a joy to hang, to look at, and to feel. 
Designed for those who appreciate the finer things in life, the Premier range features classical as well as traditional design styles.










Text Box:  one example of the range- Florid
Product No. 16050









Text Box: one example of the range Earthen
Product No. 16617 Sculptured Vinyl









Text Box: The Contour 
Designed especially for use in kitchens and bathrooms, the Contour brand has been synonymous with quality and ease of application for over 30 years. Graham & Brown recently acquired the brand and have immediately made their mark, with trademark, innovative designs.
The Contour products offer an economical and easy to apply alternative to tiling. The products are also easy to clean and splash proof, but are not intended for use in wet areas (e.g. shower cubicles)

Text Box: one example of the range 
Product No. 15738
Text Box: one example of the range 
Product No. 13446 Textured Vinyl












Text Box: Graham & Brown
Some of Graham & Brown's most exciting designs carry our house brand. Our design studio has developed products based on our trend forecasts - the process by which we predict the design styles you'll want in your home. Other design talents such as Kate Larsen, and the artists Wood & Taylor, have contributed designs and art to this prestigious brand.






Text Box: one of the range - Funky Floral
Product No. 50015 Wallpaper